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350+ easy plant based recipes

Vegan app for everyday cooking

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It should be easy to eat healthy

With over 350 healthy plant-based recipes, meal plans, shopping list, meal planner and more, you eat plant based without a hassle.

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Trusted by 300,000+ users around the world

“LOVE this app. Best download ever lol. Honestly it has changed my whole approach to plant based eating. The recipes are easy to follow, include simple ingredients, but are also packed with flavour!”
“I just made my first recipe and yuuumm. It is SO worth the price to subscribe. I just love the UI UX too.”
Elise Barrus
United States
“I love this app so much. It’s so helpful when I need to just quickly make a menu for the week of good healthy vegan meals and the shopping list feature is especially my favorite.”
United States