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350+ easy plant based recipes

Vegan app for everyday cooking

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It should be easy to eat healthy

With over 350 healthy plant-based recipes, meal plans, shopping list, meal planner and more, we strive to make plant-based cooking easy.

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Trusted by 300,000+ users around the world

“I love how easy this app made my life! The recipes are so easy, delicious, healthy and so many options, from weekly plans to gluten free days.... Definitely a must have for a very reasonable price (like a book but updating every week) can’t ask for more!”
“Really great and useful app! The girl that made it is really nice and super smart! This app is so good, it has so many tasty recipes and so much more, that you'll want to become vegan for sure! I love it! ❤️”
“The app is amazing with many mesmerizing recipes which taste amazingly and are so easy to make. Moreover, I do love that nutrition section where you can learn more about what you eat. 10/10 app”
“I can highly recommend this beautiful app. It’s easy to handle and there are many delicious, easy, cheap and fast recipes. I am so lucky that I found this app. Especially I am quite new as a vegan, it makes me feel already comfortable in my cooking routine. Thank you guys for given so much effort in this app. You can definitely see that this app is about passion.”
“This app is simply amazing, especially if you want to learn how to eat more vegan meals and learn how to make your recipes more nutritious! My go-to app every day! I’ve honestly always hated cooking, but this app makes it so fun and easy and now I’m learning new things in the kitchen every day! Absolutely love it!”
“I’m a big fan of Fivesec Health recipes. They are simple, balanced, healthy and delicious. The app was the next step and I’m really happy about it! There’s new recipes, meal plans and it’s really easy to use. You can have the quantities calculated depending of the amount of servings you need and also check the ingredients already used. The price per year is more than correct. I’m really happy with this app and for the first time I stick on my meal plans.”