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vegan app for everyday cooking

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fivesec health app

It should be easy to cook vegan.

300+ vegan recipes, recipe videos, meal plans, shopping list and more. New recipes and content every week.

Access to nutritional information and how-to videos to help you feel confident within vegan cooking.

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Trusted by 100,000+ users around the world

“I’m beyond excited for finding this app and the amazing creator! It has been so inspiring to see healthy vegan recipes that I can make without too much hassle.”
United States
“I’ve been trying to eat healthier but always end up going back to my old ways by binging on food that is really bad for me because I just never know what healthy foods to eat that actually taste good lol.”
United Kingdom
“Love this app, I’ve been vegan for two years but I was really looking for some easy and fun new recipes to add to my diet and this app gave me everything I wanted... Healthy, Easy, Vegan recipes!!!! High recommend :)”
United States
“I absolutely love this app! the recipes are simple, affordable, balanced and delicious. please continue to update!! 😊”
United States
“This app is all I need in my everyday life. Easy to use and makes cooking and planning easy!”
“Love this app! So many beautiful tasty recipes. I am especially happy that you can filter for soy and oil-free recipes!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The fivesec health app is free to download. A selection of recipes and nutritional information is avalible for free as well. You can choose to subscribe to access all content in the app. A subscription is either $3.99 /month or $24.99 /year.

Yes! We are on Google Play as well. You find the app here.

Yes, you can cancel any time in the App Store or Google Play app on your phone.

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